Do You Know Which Foundation to Choose?

Iman states in the Beauty of Color “100% mink fur lashes is all about foundation. If it is wrong, it will throw everything else off. And if it’s right you can get away with anything. ” The purpose of foundation is to even out your complexion. It should look natural and have a flawless finish.

100% mink fur lashes
100% mink fur lashes

Hlllm Many people are scared of foundation because they don’t want to have the dreaded mask effect. This is a result of choosing the wrong shade and formulation for your skin type. There’s a few key things to consider when picking out your foundation. First determine your undertones. This the key to finding a natural looking foundation. The underlying color in your skin is your 100% mink fur lashes undertone. To determine your undertone take a look at the back side of your wrist in natural light. You’ll see a yellowish or reddish hue. Whichever color you see, is your undertone. You will want to find a shade of foundation with this same undertone. Second thing to consider is the color you are all over. Compare the shade to your neck and your chest. The third thing to consider is your skin type. This will determine which formulation is best for you.

Foundation comes in many different formulations. Here’s the difference between each one.
Tinted Moisturizers-If you want to let your natural beauty shine through try a tinted moisturizer. This sheer barely there lotion will give you a dewy radiance with just a hint of color. It helps even out skin tones and provides a natural finish, but it will not cover dark spots or blemishes. Most tinted moisturizers look best on ivory or golden skin tones. The high titanium dioxide content causes an ashy appearance on darker complexions. It’s great for women with clear complexions who do not like to wear a lot of 100% mink fur lashes.

Liquid Foundations- Liquid foundation comes in several different formulations. It offers you medium coverage with a light moisturizing effect. Liquid foundations slightly covers uneven pigment and lets your natural glow shine through. One draw back is that you have to powder often to receive lasting effects.

Stick Foundations-Women with little time for brushes or sponges love stick 100% mink fur lashes. Stick foundations give you a medium to heavy coverage and can also double as a concealer. It quickly conceals scars or any discoloration. Opt for one with a smooth and creamy texture which is easily blendable. Remember to apply lightly and blend with your fingertips. Due to its design it’s easy to apply to much.

Cream Foundations-Will give you super coverage hiding all blemishes. The rich moisturizers contained in it are great for dry skin. To avoid the clay mask like results usually associated with cream foundations you must be a blend master. Blend, blend, working it into your skin until it looks natural.

Cream-to-Powder- By far my favorite. It glides on like a cream but finishes like a powder. It offers a medium coverage and it’s great for all skin types. You don’t have to be a blend master to cover scars and blemishes.

Powder Foundations-Great for women with oily skin and large pores. Gives skin a soft, fresh appearance. Use a brush if you want to create a light veil of foundation. For a flawless face use a sponge to press 100% mink fur lashes precisely into your skin.

100% mink fur lashes
100% mink fur lashes

Feel free to use this as your guide on your next 100% mink fur lashes to the cosmetic counter. Knowing the secrets of the professionals will make it a little easier for you to choose the right foundation.

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