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Applying 3d mink eyelashes packaging private label Extensions For The First Time

Growing up with two older sisters meant I was always amazed when they put on their make-up and dressed up to go out on the town. Once they had left I used to grab their eye make-up and lipstick, pretending I was also getting ready to go out. Looking back on that time I’m sure they wouldn’t have been bright if they knew I was borrowing their make-up and pretending to be them 3d mink eyelashes packaging private label.

3d mink eyelashes packaging private label
3d mink eyelashes packaging private label

Hlllm These days I purchase my own mascara, eye shadow and lipstick as well as anything else I want in the cosmetic line. My eyes had enough beam but my 3d mink eyelashes packaging private label didn’t have enough length or volume and mascara wouldn’t even expand them so I started browsing the world wide web to explore eyelash extensions in order to expand my eyes and make them look sexy and charming. Once I learned about eyelash extensions I knew it was the result for me.

I contacted a business on the internet and set an appointment to meet with a professional advisor. I had no idea that the eyelash extensions were positioned one at a time on the existing eyelashes. I couldn’t quite figure out how they would stick but after the conference it all made sense. The extensions can range from a natural rejuvenated look to more glamorous or even colored lashes with jewelry built-in into the new lashes.

My visit to the professional advisor was very reassuring, she advised me of the best length and curl which would suit the shape of my eyes, so I took heed of her help. After about an hour and a half my new 3d mink eyelashes packaging private label were in place and when I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror. My eyes looked spectacular, natural but glamorous.

3d mink eyelashes packaging private label
3d mink eyelashes packaging private label

They advised me that a few of the new 3d mink eyelashes packaging private label may drop out in the first day or so until the adhesive set and they recommended touch-ups every two to three weeks. I could still wear make-up but had to be very certain it was oil-free because any type of oil would damage the adhesive. Mascara wasn’t required but if I did want to use some it was feasible to wear it on the tips of the lashes.

My expert instructed me to avoid direct contact with water for the first day until the glue had set. After that it was fine for me to swim or shower. Eyelash curlers unmistakably had to be avoided because they would crease or break the eyelash extension. When I go out on the town now, folks often do a double take, I feel more confident with the way I look, having more offers than ever before from young men asking me to dance and party.


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