Natural 3d silk lashes private label factory Growth

Women long to have sweeping lashes that they can curl or apply mascara to.Lengthy 3d silk lashes private label factory look stunning and they provide the perfect frame for eyes. In reality eye lashes are there to protect the eyes from dust and debris but many of us view them as a cosmetic enhancement. Long fluttering eyelashes look great and that is why many choose to encourage natural growth.

3d silk lashes private label factory
3d silk lashes private label factory

Hlllm Genetics may mean that we inherit short sparse lashes  that are hard to enhance. If a parent has thin lashes then slow eyelash growth may run in the family. Encouraging natural growth doesn’t have to be a complicated issue, on the whole it just means trying a variety of natural products or over the counter creams that may help or encourage eyelash growth.

We are bombarded with advertising and the cosmetic companies are forever producing lotions and serums that are designed to speed natural eyelash growth. Such creams may be good but take a look at the price tag first. Natural growth may come at a high price and these potions come with no guarantee. Anyone who intends to buy a product to encourage natural eyelash growth should go out of their way to read some information appertaining to the product before making their purchase.

If after reading all of the information you decide to purchase some lash growth serum then be prepared to use the product for up to six weeks before seeing any difference. Many serums condition 3d silk lashes private label factory making sparse or thin lashes  look full and shiny. The skin surrounding the eyes is highly sensitive so the lotion needs to be non irritating and ophthalmologist tested. Encourage natural eyelash growth by all means but do it safely.

Never expect lashes to grow like wildfire after applying a cream for a couple of days, it may mean applying the lotion for a number of weeks before noticing any major difference. Some women prefer to try applying olive oil or vitamin e cream to strengthen the lashes in the hope that it will promote growth. A light covering of petroleum jelly may also help to keep the 3d silk lashes private label factory strong and aid growth.

Applying oils and creams around the eye area can be messy so it is a job that is best done at night-time. Always use scrupulously clean brushes, cloths or fingertips to apply any lotion. To promote natural growth put the cream onto the lashes before getting into bed. Leave the cream or oils to do their work whilst asleep. Lotions left on the 3d silk lashes private label factory overnight have longer to work at promoting natural eyelash growth.
Lash growth is a slow process, it may take in excess of a month for the lashes to grow one quarter of an inch. Growth can be stunted during periods of ill health. Trimming the lashes to encourage natural eyelash growth is definitely not recommended. Lashes that have been thinned or trimmed may never recover and contrary to belief trimming them does not thicken them.

3d silk lashes private label factory
3d silk lashes private label factory

Eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise can promote natural eyelash growth. A body that is starved of nutrients is not able to function properly hence natural eyelash growth can be slow. If in doubt try taking multi-vitamins as a supplement. Above all be patient, natural eyelash growth is undoubtedly one of natures slower processes.


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