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Smoky eyes are a timeless classic and no wonder. Sultry and seductive, smoky eyes look great on almost everyone, you’ll find many of your favourite celebrities sporting the look. This year, the boring blacks and browns are out and many best 3d mink eyelash artists and fashionistas are trying out a bolder and more colourful palette including brilliant purples and striking cobalts.

best 3d mink eyelash
best 3d mink eyelash

Hlllm Smoky eyes work well for most skin tones and can be worn subtly during the day or finished off dramatically for a striking evening look. The key is to keep the rest of the face simple and letting your eyes draw the attention.

Here’s how to make the most of your eye best 3d mink eyelash to get the perfect smokin’ hot look:

  1. Start with your eyeliner – apply liner to your upper and lower lids, making the middle of your top lid thicker than the corners. If you have smaller eyes, consider lining the bottom lid from just the middle of the eye to the outer corner to avoid a clownish appearance. Tip:when it comes to eye best 3d mink eyelash, a dark eye shadow can be an effective eye liner. Wet a small eye liner makeup brush, dip in the dark shadow and use it to draw an even and precise line.
  2. Add a light shadow – select a medium hue from your colour palette to start with and sweep all the way up to your brow line. You’ll want to blend the shadow in with your eye liner to create that smoky, dithering effect.
  3. Apply a dark shadow – sweep the darker shadow up to the eye crease, but not further. The contrast between the darker shadow and the lighter base gives that gradient colour that creates the smoky illusion. Tip: to enhance the effect, consider applying a light highlighting shade just below the brow line.
  4. Blend well – you can use a special brush to blend the best 3d mink eyelash and “smudge” the liner along your bottom lid. Add a bit of colour to your lower lid by blending some of the darker shadow into the line.

The key to pulling off the smoky best 3d mink eyelash look is to keep the rest of the face relatively simple. Keep the lips nude and the rouge light – your eyes will have the maximum impact with an instant “wow” factor.

Blue eye shadow – making a comeback

While it was the big cosmetic no-no through the nineties and onwards- blue eye shadow is making a comeback. The Pantone Color Institute has named a blue green turquoise hue the colour of year for 2010, so it won’t be long before we see the shade back on the runways and gracing the covers of your favourite glossy mags. Consider some radical blue tones to add a bit of fun and drama in your smouldering smoky look.

best 3d mink eyelash
best 3d mink eyelash

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