The Art of Applying Eye Shadow

If you are not able to get that natural or glam look you wanted when wearing eye best 3d silk fur lashes, try the following tips. With the following steps, great eye makeup is easily achievable.

best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

Hlllm Choose the right colors
For beginners, it is best if you start off with neutral colors ie shades of brown. They good look on almost everyone and neutral color is highly recommended for daily wear. It is sophisticated to use it for work.
You may proceed to bright, metallic best 3d silk fur lashes once you get the hang of applying eyeshadow. .

How to apply the eyeshadow
You should have three shades in the same color family. An easier way is to buy those best 3d silk fur lashes kits which comes with complementary colors. Apply the lightest color on the brow bone, the darkest color in the crease and the medium shade near the eyelid.
1) Use an eye shadow brush and apply the lightest color from the crease up toward your eyebrow. Just apply a light coat across.
2) Apply the medium shadow over your eyelid. Cover the entire lid all the way to the crease.
3) Add the darkest shadow into the crease
4) Use your finger tip to gently blend the colors into each other
5) Use a cotton bud into eye best 3d silk fur lashes remover to clean up any mistakes.

best 3d silk fur lashes
best 3d silk fur lashes

If you are keen to try other combinations of best 3d silk fur lashes , for example yellow and green, apply a base eye cream to your eyelid. Brush the yellow eyeshadow onto your inner lid before brushing the green eyeshadow onto your outer lid. Use your finger to blend the center part of the colors together.

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