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Tips When Using Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation usually offers a range of light to medium coverage and it includes minerals for instance titanium dioxide and mica. This type of foundation needs to be applied to the face with a heavy brush, similar to a kabuki brush or flat top brush. Most cosmetic lines offer these brushes that are specifically made to apply mineral foundation. The foundation may be lightly patted onto the face or applied in layers to provide the user with extreme coverage. It may also be mixed with a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation to create a powder that sets the color fur mink lashes.

color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

Hlllm Prepare Your Face

Get your face prepared for the application of color fur mink lashes by carefully washing away any dirt with your favorite cleanser. This will help to remove the dirt and oils in your skin that may interact with the makeup. Gently apply some cream that contains sunscreen to restore the skins hydration. Gently massage this cream into your face with the tips of your fingers and completely allow it to dry before moving on. This could take you as long as 10 minutes to do. Take a small amount of primer and apply it to your skin in order to make a border between the foundation and your skin. This primer will also help to make your skin smooth which will help with the easy application of the foundation. Before applying any makeup, you must allow the primer to fully dry, if this is not monitored the foundation may cause streaks or cake onto your face.


Select the correct brush for applying your mineral color fur mink lashes. A lot of cosmetic lines provide a large selection of brushes that are generally made to use with this type of foundation. Typically the widely used brushes that are meant for mineral foundation include face, flat top, kabuki, or foundation brushes. Heavier brushes with more bristles will hold more of the product in them rather than the loose and fluffy brushes. The heaviest option is the kabuki brush, as it also provides a lot more coverage than that of a normal foundation brush.


color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

Commence the process of application with just a small amount of the mineral color fur mink lashes. Place the small quantity into either a small dish or the lid of the product. Use the brush to swirl around the powder to pick it up. Tap the end of the brush onto a surface to eliminate some of the excess mineral foundation that will usually just fall off as you begin to apply. You can save the excess foundation by tapping the brush onto the dish or the lid and then returning it to the product container. Continue to do this until your entire face is covered in the mineral foundation. If necessary, you may apply another layer for extra coverage. At Afterglow cosmetics they advise that once the first layer of foundation has been applied, you wait a small amount of time before adding the next layer. This will eliminate the chances of removing the first layer.

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