Makeup for Photography

A medieval princess, the beautiful stranger, or a supermodel on the cover of the magazine – most importantly, to type you imagine very accurately to the smallest detail. Even better armed with a photograph illustrating the intended style. Then, posing before a mirror, you can easily choose the right accessories and create the mood that photos show the picture. The image must be to try on a few days before shooting to the remainder of the time to get used to factory price real mink 3D eyelash

factory price real mink 3D eyelash
factory price real mink 3D eyelash

Hlllm  Tips for step 1: Before the camera lens will remember the moments when you experience strong emotions, joy, sadness, or even resentment. Importantly, does not appear in the frame indifferent.

Step 2: Set up the biological clock
Filming is best given at 11-12 hours of the day. By this time the biological clock, set up the body to work. Metabolic processes are accelerated, so skin looks fresher and swelling subsides. Makeup is better to apply no earlier than one hour before the shooting. Embarking on it, it can be contrasted washing with warm and cool water and a mask – a soothing, hydrating or lifting effect. But peeling. Consists Scrub of a base (usually a cream, gel, cosmetic clay) and abrasive particles (natural or synthetic).

Tips for step 2: On the day of filming did not experiment with new creams. The skin can respond to them as violent factory price real mink 3D eyelash , hide which will much harder than to disguise a small pimple or enlarged pores.

Step 3: Hairstyle

During shooting, the hair should be obedient, easy to pack and does not crumble. If you want to take pictures with different hairstyles, start with the evening. High stacking, bouffant and styling in the process of filming can easily be transformed into lighter negligent variant. if before shooting wash them and dry the hair dryer, putting on the strands of a small amount of Fixing – mousse, varnish or gel.

Step 4:Tone

In order to face did not look flat pale, spot, it is better to use make-up tonal means more shades: natural and darker. Light cream is applied to the central part of the face, and darker – on the temporal area and the lower part of the cheekbone. You then need to disguise the light as a proofreader with a dense texture of small defects: dark spots, freckles, enlarged pores or vascular mesh – and to fix the result matte crumbly powder. With the blush should be handled carefully. Dark suit for black and white images. To face looked fresh, put on the apples of cheeks a little light factory price real mink 3D eyelash , and the transition line blend.

Tips for step 4: Do not forget about the neck and decollete. Otherwise the flash will emphasize the difference of shades. The camera does not like powder with light reflecting particles – it creates unwanted glare and washes out the face oval.

Step 5: Eyes

Even if the skin around the eyes in perfect condition, apply to this zone light proofreader. Flash exaggerates the slightest signs of fatigue. Therefore it is best toned area under the eyes light sandy proofreader. But if you around the eyes have wrinkles, first apply a lifting tool, and only then – a little taste.

Pencil, underline line the growth of upper lash and blend well. After this, apply a matte shadow. Bright color accents in the photo may look totally wrong, as in life. For example, too dark shadows fail the eye and make face over. Therefore it is better to restrict peaceful natural makeup. Observe the classic rule: lighter shades – on the inside of the century, and rich – from the middle to outer corner.
To achieve the effect of false eyelashes, makeup artists advise to powder them before factory price real mink 3D eyelash

factory price real mink 3D eyelash
factory price real mink 3D eyelash

By the way: Shadows will not crumble when wet applicator with mineral water.

Step 6 Lips

Create the effected lips with smeared and unevenly applied lipstick – nostrum glamorous photographers. you have to amateur photography, it is better to make a contour of the lips as clear. Color pencil must exactly match the shade of lipstick. Carefully powdered lips and then circle the outline with a pencil.  factory price real mink 3D eyelash 

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