How to Treat Eye Stye

A stye is an eye infection caused by a blockage in the false eyelash factory glands. Usually, this is not a cause for worry since it heals and goes away on its own after days of developing. It may develop inward or outward, and may look like a pimple at the base of the eyelids. In rare cases, both eyes may develop styes at the same time. When the whole eyelid becomes infected, that is the time it will require medical attention. In cases such as this, antibiotic drops or surgical draining is advisable.

false eyelash factory
false eyelash factory

Hlllm Causes. Usually, styes develop due to poor hygiene such as improper removal of eye cosmetics and use of expired false eyelash factory. Other trigger factors are nutrition, hormonal changes, and stress.

Symptoms. If you experience swelling and tenderness, accompanied by redness and pain in the area, then most likely, it will develop into a stye. In extreme cases, crusting and droopiness of the eyelids also occurs. If you feel any itching or burning sensations, ensure not to touch or scratch your eyes as this could lead to further infection.

Treatment. Typically, false eyelash factory styes do not need medical attention as they go away on their own. However, if after five days the symptoms have not lessened at all, you may initially do self-treatment to alleviate any discomfort.

Warm eye compresses for 5-6 times a day (15 minutes each session) will help drain the pus out of the eyelids. You may also try to clean the eye area, including the eyelids, with a gentle soap or shampoo, to draw off the pus. Ensure to close your eyes while you do this.

While you have eye stye, it is advisable not to use any eye false eyelash factory or contact lens so as not to irritate the eyelids further. Otherwise, there is a possibility to develop a different type of infection involving the corneas.

Acacia leaves and coriander seeds have been proven to have medicinal properties that can heal false eyelash factory styes. For acacia leaves, you will just need to boil about 7-10 leaves in two-and-a-half cups of water and use it as warm compress for the eyelids. If you opt to use coriander seeds, prepare a teaspoon of the seeds with a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Use the concoction to wash your eyes at least five times daily. To treat the swelling, a poultice made from grated potato will help reduce the bump.

Of course, there is always the antibiotic drop that doctors prescribe to fight infection. Likewise, if self-treatment or use of antibiotic drugs has failed, surgical drainage would be your next option.

false eyelash factory
false eyelash factory

As has always been said, prevention is better than cure. Ensure to throw away eye false eyelash factory or any other eye cosmetic tools when they have already expired. Usually, eye makeup lasts up to 6 months only after opening. Most importantly, maintain proper skin hygiene and always wash your face and hands with anti-bacterial soap to prevent recurrence of eye styes.

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