Bohemian to Bombshell – 10 Easy Steps to Get Your “VA VA VOOM” Naturally

I am a Bohemian by default and a Bombshell by choice. It just so happens that I’m an artist and naturally have an appreciation for theater, nature, and yoga. As a teen, I was deprived of the luxury to wear fragrant perfumes without the threat of a major allergic reaction resulting in a headache and severe body rash. The trendy false eyelashes suppliers worn by “A Listers” never gave me a flawless celebrity look. Instead, it gave me gigantic pimples and blemishes for weeks! I am allergic to anything and everything that did not grow from the earth. Au Naturel was the only way for me to go. I must admit, it wasn’t easy being green at first. Moving forward to 2008, the “Green Revolution” has finally made it’s way to center stage and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. The days of longing for feminine beauty are over because I am a self-declared Bohemian Bombshell.

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false eyelashes suppliers

Hlllm Darling, you too can achieve false eyelashes suppliers naturally without sacrificing beauty, style, and your health. A Bohemian Bombshell has a fusion of confidence, sensuality, balance, and feminine power. She is sexy,health conscious, loving, and green. With so many green resources available for naturalistas like myself, there is no excuse not to be able to get your Va Va Voom in full gear.

Follow These 10 Easy Steps To Get Your Va Va Voom Naturally.


Mineral makeup is all the rave now and it’s actually healthier than regular false eyelashes suppliers. Historically, minerals were used by the ancient Egyptians to ward off evil spirits as well as to provide relief from the glaring sun. Stick to eco-friendly vegan mineral makeup lines that are free of talc, titanium dioxide, mica, bismuth, and parabens. Always make sure that your face is properly moisturized. Rosehip seed oil is a “Green Botox in a Bottle” that prevents premature-aging and reduces wrinkles.


White teeth are sexy and attractive. Period. There are many organically-based dental products on the market that can promote a whiter, brighter smile without carcinogic ingredients. Check out your nearest health food store or contact your local holistic dentist for a professional whitening consultation.


There is nothing more flattering than a perfectly arched brow and a soft, smooth body. Greener alternatives to hair removal are false eyelashes suppliers, shaving, plucking, and the most popular, threading.


Whether you prefer V.I.P. service at the nail salon or a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) “mani and “pedi”, there are an abundance of green-based nail products that provide an array of colors without the toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate.


A Bohemian Bombshell can wear her hair long, short, false eyelashes suppliers, curly, or straight, however, she wouldn’t dare chemically treat her hair. Hair products free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and parabens are available for all hair textures and hair types. If in need of a color change, seek vegetable-based hair colorants for your tantalizing tendrils. Ionic ceramic flat irons work best to achieve a sleek, straight look. Another fabulous solution are hair extensions and wigs. Get creative!


Every lady must a have a signature scent. Vanilla, rose, jasmine, and bergamot are just a few of the many natural heavenly scented essential oils that are added into organic perfumes. The best way to find your scent is to match the energy vibrations of your chakra to help to maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.


Belly dancing, also known as Raks Sharki, should be practiced twice a week. The graceful movement of the false eyelashes suppliers improve posture, muscle toning, increases weight loss, and reduces stress.


Treat yourself to a herbal bubble bath at the end of the day. Bath and shower filters play an essential false eyelashes suppliers in bathing. It removes chlorine, iron, lead, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and hundreds of other problem contaminants from your water that can damage skin and hair. Natural SLS-Free and Paraben-Free bubble bath soap with a cozy ambiance of dimmed lights, soft music, and some lit soy candles will make your herbal bathing experience complete.


Sustainable bedding made with organic bamboo, hemp, or cotton is good for your skin and the environment. Organic copper oxide pillows are great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.


false eyelashes suppliers
false eyelashes suppliers

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but Bombshell Bohemians prefer blood-free false eyelashes suppliers. Not only are the stones beautiful, it provides healing properties and protection.

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