How to Make Sure the Rest of You Matches Your Wedding Gown

When you get married you want the day to be perfect – and that includes yourself! You would want to have the perfect wedding dress, as well as perfect hair, skin, false mink lashes, shoes, accessories and more.

false mink lashes
false mink lashes

Hlllm In order to make sure that everything turns out as perfect, or then as close to perfect as is possible in this less than perfect world of ours, you need to make sure that you start preparing for a couple of weeks, if not months, in advance to make sure that your skin, hair and nails are in top conditions when you reach your wedding day.

Unfortunately skin, hair and nails take time to get into perfect condition, so don’t think that you can just slap on some moisturizer the day before and have a glowing skin! You might want to see a beautician or professional false mink lashes artist a couple of weeks before to get some advice on how to treat your skin in order to have it in peak condition. An additional word of warning is that it is not wise to start experimenting with new skin care products close to the wedding – you never know when you might have an allergic reaction to new products. If you do want to try out that extra-special (extra-expensive!) skin care product, please do so on advice from a professional as well as a couple of weeks or months in advance!

With regards to make-up, the same thing applies. By all means make use of a professional make-up artist – after all, they know all the tricks in the trade to make the most of your face and appearance, however, make sure that you go for at least one trial session a couple of weeks in advance to make sure that your skin does not have an allergic reaction to the products that the beautician might use. Apart from that you need to check that your makeup works with the rest of your outfit – your hairpiece and your dress. It is a good idea to have your false mink lashes for that day a bit more striking and darker than usual – a bit like stage makeup. After all, you ARE the star of the day, not so?

If you are making use of a professional make-up artist, she will be able to advise you on this, but please, if you do try and do this yourself, practice before hand and get a couple of trusted opinions from family members. Also view yourself from a distance as well as close up in the mirror, so that you can check that while your false mink lashes is a bit darker than usual, that you do not end up looking like Frankenstein!

Some other aspects to keep in mind to make you look your healthy best on your wedding day is that it is a good idea to get in some exercise before you get married. Once again, trying to fit this in, in the week before the wedding is an exercise in futility and will just add to your stress levels! Rather work out a false mink lashes but regular exercise program for a couple of months before the wedding. This will help you de-stress as well as tone your body so that you really look and feel your best on that all important day!

Only two more items remaining that need attention – you will need a good manicure and pedicure before the wedding day to make sure that your hands and feet look and feel great. Make sure that you schedule the false mink lashes for this well in advance so that you do not stress a day before the wedding to try and get a booking. Once again, try different nail colors to see which work the best with your wedding dress. Also, once again, do not, I repeat, DO NOT do your nails once you have already dressed in your wedding dress. Images of disaster with red splashes of nail polish on your perfect dress looms in the mind’s eye.

false mink lashes
false mink lashes

Lastly, I also cannot stress how important it is to have one or two trial sessions before the wedding with your false mink lashes . Apart from your dress, your hair and hairpiece are the most visible aspects of what you look like and you absolutely need to practice to get this one right!

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