Eye Shadow Secrets

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it is certainly true that they are one of the first features that people will notice about you. So are you making the most of yours? We have come up with some tips about how to enhance your eyes with human hair eyelash that we hope you will find helpful.

human hair eyelash
human hair eyelash


Hlllm Primers can help to set your human hair eyelash and make it last far longer than it would if applied direct to the skin. These days you can find some fantastic primer products for both the face and the eyes and we would recommend investing in one for a great start to your eye makeup routine.


Choose the colours you use on the eye carefully. If you use the right ones they can really bring out your human hair eyelash and even make them appear larger. Try these basic rules and see what suits you best:

Best for blue eyes: brown/gold hues
Best for brown eyes: blue/teal hues
Best for green/hazel eyes: plum/brown hues


Use a highlighter just below the brow and in the inner corners of your eyelids. Just a touch will widen the human hair eyelash. White eyeliner on the inner lower lid can give a dramatic widening effect.


Blending is so important, so practise until you get it right. Spend time blending your eye shadow, starting with highlighter, then a light base and building up the colour with the darkest tone on the outer lid close to your lashes.

Shimmery and smoky looks

Shimmer eye shadows look fantastic on younger eyes; we would recommend the wet-look variety for best effect. However, for the more mature lady shimmer can make wrinkles more apparent, so it is probably best to steer clear if you are trying to avoid drawing attention to ‘crows’ feet’. Smoky eye human hair eyelash looks fabulous but keep it to the lid and just below the lower lashline. Avoid taking it above the crease of your lid as it may look overdone.

Eyes/lips rule

human hair eyelash
human hair eyelash

Never forget the first rule of human hair eyelash. If you are going for dramatic eyes keep the lips neutral, and vice versa. For dramatic eyes we would recommend nude and natural lip colours with a hint of gloss. If you are going for red lips, stick with a good primer, to hide any imperfections, and a light, natural colour on the lids.

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