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Semi Permanent Make Up For Beauty

SPMU or Semi Permanent Make Up is a recent phenomenon that has become more relevant in the last 10 years. It is a beauty procedure which involves implanting colour mink fur strip lashes in the form of tattooing in areas such as the eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. This procedure is used for natural enhancement and to make women look beautiful naturally.

mink fur strip lashes
mink fur strip lashes


Hlllm Eyebrows frame the face, give expression, depth and warmth. Perfectly defined eyebrows add natural enhancement and give the face a youthful expression. Anyone who desires for perfect mink fur strip lashes will love this procedure because it creates the perfect brows without having to go through the hassle of applying eye pencil every now and then. Moreover, with semi permanent eyebrows, you can even go swimming and workout in a gym without the fear or embarrassment of losing your eyebrows.


You can even achieve natural looking eyelashes with semi permanent mink fur strip lashes procedure. You can make your lashes look thicker with this treatment by applying a soft natural line in between the eyelashes which creates an instant definition. The effect can be as subtle or dramatic as you require. The result you achieve is similar to that a mascara application leaves.


mink fur strip lashes
mink fur strip lashes

SPMU procedure is also commonly used to transform the shape and look of the mink fur strip lashes. It enhances the volume of the lips and also gives a subtle lift in colour. Lips lose their attractiveness due to the aging process and this technique can be used to achieve attractive and more balanced lips. Natural pigments can also be tattooed to the centre of the lips to create a natural tint.

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