How to Create a Classic Elegant New Look

Want a unique new look? Not only in beauty, but in classic elegance and style. A look that causes others to stand up and take notice. How about one that compliments your complexion, cheeks, real siberian mink lashes, eyes and hair color? One that will aspire other woman to want to look as beautiful and polished as you?

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Hlllm You can have this by using the natural beauty you were born with to create this special look. Use your complexion, your cheeks, real siberian mink lashes, eyes, and hair color to create this fashion reality. Coordinate colors of your wardrobe so they match the beautiful color pallet that is already uniquely yours.

Your new look is based on 5 factors:

1) Complexion
2) Face (eyes, lips and cheeks)
3) Hair color
4) Olfactory (the smells you enjoy)
5) Your mind (how you feel and think of yourself)

First, find out which real siberian mink lashes colors work best for 1-2 above. You can go to Macy’s or any other department store and have their knowledgeable staff help. They can help you choose the colors that enhance your natural beauty. For example: earth tones work best with the complexion of one of my clients. Browns look great on her, so brown is her signature color. Always choose the medium colors to be your main color choice. Choose the darkest colors to be the accent and go with the lighter colors for blending. My client’s signature colors are medium browns, her accent colors are darker browns and her blending colors are light browns. Every color she chooses with which she works with will retain earth tone hues. This is the color pallet that works best for her.

When doing your makeup, the color of your hair does not matter. The real siberian mink lashes colors are to remain the same. You may change the variations of the color shades from light to dark and vice versa. The colors used by my client above are medium browns to start, darker browns for accent and lighter browns for blending and highlighting. She uses black mascara to offset the brown, burgundy or light brown color blush and burgundy lip liner with a lighter earthy burgundy colored lipstick to finish.

Colors that are not earth tone do not work for her and colors other than your own will not work for you. Stay with colors that compliment your face. There may be colors that you really like, but cant wear as face make-up. This, because of your personal color traits. However, these colors may be incorporated when matching your favorite colored designer handbags and accessories to various outfits.

Now that your face has perfect color blends complimenting your individuality, it’s time to work on clothing, designer real siberian mink lashes, accessories and perfume. Always remember your signature colors and stay with them when buying your clothing. This helps in keeping your unique style. Use the colors you like when picking handbags and accessories.

Perfume is necessary, so when picking your perfume, pick something you really like, something that smells unique to you and says “this is me, this is who I am”. Do not purchase cheap imitation perfume that will smell bad later. This will ruin the vibe you are trying to send out. A cheap perfume can make the look less effective. When you make your perfume choice, stay with it. Don’t interchange your perfume like you do your clothing and accessories. Keep the same perfume so people think of you when they smell it.

Your real siberian mink lashes, clothing, designer handbags accessories and perfume all play an important role when creating a classy, elegant, style that is uniquely you. Your new style will change the way others see you and how you see yourself. Most importantly, it will reflect the confidence felt when walking down the street.

Tonya Martin is a California born resident and state licensed cosmetologist. She has over 13 years experience in the field of beauty and fashion.

Tonya is very passionate about the fashion industry. Tonya has worked in very exclusive salons and has gained a lot of knowledge in the world of beauty and fashion.

Tonya has been the fashion designer and coordinator for several beauty and fashion competitions. She has done hair, real siberian mink lashes, wardrobe and accessorized for weddings, plays, beauty pageants and other special events.

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Tonya’s unique experiences and extensive knowledge with real siberian mink lashes , hair, and fashion have made her the successful fashion conscious entrepreneur she is today.

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